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BIRD’s Journalist Dimitar Stoyanov Has Been Divulging State Secrets to Mafia Bosses
BIRD’s Journalist Dimitar Stoyanov Has Been Divulging State Secrets to Mafia Bosses

The prosecutor’s office has pressed charges against Krassimir Kamenov – Karo’s organized criminal group and has shown shocking private chats (see them below)

An organized criminal group led by Krassimir Kamenov-Karo and Tsvetan Vassilev has been organizing a complot against the state

On 16.03.2023, a press conference was given in connection with a pre-trial proceeding initiated under the direction and supervision of the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office for leading and participating in an organized criminal group, created for the purpose of obtaining income from criminal activity, money laundering and tax crimes. Some bits of the collected evidence were presented in it, from which it was established that persons subject to investigations, defendants and others held meetings and conversations with the aim of organizing a campaign in the USA, in member states of the European Union and on the territory of the country to discredit and hindee the activities of law enforcement bodies, including taking actions that would lead to the compromising and removal of senior magistrates and police officers, the prosecutor's office recalls.

According to the evidences shown some of these persons is ‘Tsetso from Belgrade’- most probably former CCB boss Tsvetan Vasilev who is currently hiding in Serbia. He has already been accused of stealing BGN 2.7 milliard from CCB which has led to the bank bankrupt.

A list named ‘VERMINS to be dismissed’ containing names of judges, prosecutors and investigators from the closed structures of specialized justice has been presented as an evidence.

Another evidence was two USB flash devices containing audio records of conversations between Diliyan Georgiev - with a remand order of  “detention in custody”, Krassimir Kamenov – Karo (accused of organizing the murder of former police officer, declared internationally wanted in the Interpol system, with probable location in South Africa), Ovidiu Semanesku (announced for international wanted in the Interpol system for investigation into participation in organized crime on the territory of Bulgaria), as well as the person "Mitko BIRD", possibly referring to Dimitar Stoyanov, journalist. In the pre-trial proceedings, Tony Ivanov was also brought in as a defendant. (In the meantime, he has taken action on his hiding outside the territory of the country, he was located in Spain, where he was detained by the competent authorities on the occasion of the execution of the European Arrest Warrant issued by the SGP.)

The total amount of information contained is 24 GB, and the same is in the process of analysis. The Sofia City Prosecutor's Office provides part of the established communication between the named persons, corresponding to the collected evidence of collusion by the organized criminal group, with the aim of discrediting at home and abroad and attempts to eliminate senior magistrates and police officers:

Written communication from March 2022 between Dilian Georgiev and "Mitko Bivol" (probably Dimitar Stoyanov), which refers to the actions of the person Ovidiu Semenescu, wanted by Interpol:

Written communication from the beginning of 2023 between Dilian Georgiev and "Kalin" (probably Kalin Edrev), in which the person Ovidiu Semenescu, wanted by Interpol, is being commented:

Written communication from the end of 2022 between Dilian Georgiev and "Mitko Bivol" (probably Dimitar Stoyanov), in which the two comment on a trip of the defendant Dilian Georgiev to Serbia and his upcoming meetings with the defendant Tsvetan Vassilev:

Written communication from the beginning of 2023 between Dilian Georgiev and a person identified as "Tsvetan Vasilev", discussing the organization of Dilian Georgiev's upcoming trip to Belgrade and Nis, with the purpose of meetings between the two:

Written communication dated 23.12.2022 between Dilian Georgiev and "Mitko Bivol" (probably Dimitar Stoyanov), in which at 6:01 p.m. the accused Georgiev sent Stoyanov a text file, with the name TXT_20221223_16..., containing a letter from the American Congressman Warren Davidson, sent the previous day to the US Treasury Secretary. A copy of the letter was first circulated on the Facebook profile of a user from Bulgaria around 16:00 on 23.12.2022. At 19:40 on the same day, a copy of the official letter of the member of the US Congress Warren Davidson was sent by Dilian Georgiev of "Mitko Bivol" (probably Dimitar Stoyanov). (So far, such a letter has not been provided by the congressman's office. Warren Davidson distributed photos of his letter to the US Treasury Secretary through his official Twitter account four hours later, at 11:40 p.m. Bulgarian time.)

Written communication between the accused Dilian Georgiev and an unidentified person, which mentions the name of the Minister of Internal Affairs (as of 28.10.2022 Boyko Rashkov) and a person referred to as "Karatista":

A number of audio files are also available in the pre-trial proceedings for an organized crime group for influence peddling to carry out actions to remove senior magistrates and police officers. Three of them are telephone conversations between former police officer Krasimir Kamenov, who is wanted by Interpol as the instigator of the murder, and a witness in the case. The records refer to various facts and circumstances related to the criminal activity of the Organized Crime Group, mentioning the following names, abbreviations and others: "Tsetso Vasilev", "Ovidiu", "Boboka", "Mitko", "Bird", " Dilian", "Boyan".

Conversation number 1content:

Krasimir Kamenov: No, dude, .... this is because of Ovidiu and because of the one from Belgrade - Ceco Vasilev. You know?

Witness: Yes, yes, yes. I was worried if it's something because of us, something to....

Krasimir Kamenov: No, dude, are you crazy. Well, what to stalk you? What do you have to do with these people, huh?

Witness: How should I know? So just wanted to ask you.

Krasimir Kamenov: You don't know them, dude.

Witness: You are more aware.. Clear, clear.

Krasimir Kamenov: You don't know them that well.

Witness: Because...

Krasimir Kamenov: Who will prove that you have relations with such people - no one.

Witness: Yes, yes, yes.

Krasimir Kamenov: We stay away from these things. I know them, but how do you know them?

Witness: The woman was very worried. And I was wondering, what happened?

Krasimir Kamenov: No, well... she told me everything.

Conversation number 2:

Krasimir Kamenov: These are exactly them - GDNP, even though he is gone.

Witness: Ah, again from above, from Misho Naumov...

Krasimir Kamenov: Yes, but it's not him this time. There are others, but they are still his people.

Witness: And they were going to chase this garbage, right?

Krasimir Kamenov: Well every moment, every moment, brother, that's why I keep pressing...

Witness: Well...Shit...

Krasimir Kamenov: Do you see? Any moment, take it easy! Everything is given, we are waiting, you understand?

Witness: Yes, yes, yes...

Krasimir Kamenov: So...what should we do now?

Conversation number :

Krasimir Kamenov: He knows his stuff, Dilyan.

Witness: Ah, well….well.

Krasimir Kamenov: And they from ...him ...times...they invite him to question something, but they don't have anything concrete, do you understand?

Witness: Yes.

Krasimir Kamenov: Now I don't know what they wrote, we will see them, it will come to light. For now - complete silence...

Witness: Well, he'll be fine, that's the important thing...

Krasimir Kamenov: Yes, Boboka sent him lawyers, this-that...

Witness: Since we heard each other last night.

Krasimir Kamenov: Yes.

Witness: Last night we heard that I told him about today there, do I have car numbers, who is driving where.... What is he driving and we agreed to meet him today and the one from Bird...ahh...Mitko...

Krasimir Kamenov: Well, don't you... you will give them to Boyan, and he will give them to this Patso, they have their connection from there, do you understand?

Witness: Yes.

Krasimir Kamenov: Since he needs them (inaudible)... He's outside, I'm calling him... take action, don't get confused, check them out, what's it about, keep going! You're stalking him again, and if you were to interview him there, what would they do to a journalist, eh?

Witness: Nothing, he is a journalist, what will they do to him?

Krasimir Kamenov: Well, I'm begging you, nothing will happen, don't bother them...we're pushing them on all the horns, there's no way.

Witness: OK, tomorrow I will see Boyan anyway to give him the money that is already due for this month...

Krasimir Kamenov: OK, brother...(unintelligible)...

Witness: …and I will give him the number of cars….

Krasimir Kamenov: ...when you have these things, give them to him to give them to those, yes.

Witness: Yes, yes, I will give them to him.

Krasimir Kamenov: Okay, dude! Okay bye!

Witness: Come on!

The volume of facts and circumstances that are checked and collected is extremely large, and the SGP will continue to inform the public about the development of the criminal proceedings in a timely manner.

The present information is provided after a permit has been issued under Art. 198 of the Criminal Procedure Code by the respective supervising prosecutors.


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