Breaking! Has Georgi Kadiev Tried to Make Nikolay Koprinkov Fix His Wife’s Fine in EWRC?

Sonia Kadieva's company carried out stock market speculations with the price of electricity, as well as announced fake orders

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Breaking! Has Georgi Kadiev Tried to Make Nikolay Koprinkov Fix His Wife’s Fine in EWRC?

The dark and cash-strapped figure of Nikolay Koprinkov has once again come into the focus of public attention following revelations about the smuggling channels he patronized during the several caretaker governments of Rumen Radev. On this occasion, our sources from "Dondukov" told a curious story about Koprinkov's financial entanglements with another social functionary - Georgi Kadiev, kicked out of the BSP.

According to people whom we have no reason to doubt, at the beginning of 2023 the former Deputy Finance Minister Kadiev had boasted that Koprinkov would have personally advocated before EWRC to cancel the BGN 165,000 fine that the energy a regulator imposed on his wife Sonia because of major scams with the price of electricity.

We remind you that in March of this year, EWRC imposed a fine of over BGN 165,000, due to stock market manipulations, to the electricity trader "Energy Cъlaŭ", owned by Sonia Kadieva - Georgi Kadiev's wife. The regulator found that the company benefited by announcing false orders, creating the impression that prices would fall. As a result, sellers were induced to sell no-cheap to "Energy Supply". The company then canceled the cheap for-sale listings and thus amassed more profit.

Our informants claim that the scheme was inspired precisely by Koprinkov, who at that time was the gray cardinal in the state and collected commissions from all "juicy" sources of money, especially in the field of energy. Although he had assured Kadiev that everything would go smoothly, EWRC officials did not give in to pressure and seriously grilled the red baron's lying wife. This created tension between Rumen Radev's nomenclaturists, and officials from the presidency still remember the scandals that Kadiev raised against Koprinkov for imposing such a hefty fine on him, and that in a pre-election period, when he himself had unsuccessfully run for deputy.

Georgi Kadiev's wife - Sonia, is the owner of a sole trading company "Energy Supply" EOOD, which in December 2007 received a license to trade in electricity. "License regimes are created so that commercial activity controlled by the state can be exercised only by a certain circle of persons. Of course, these individuals must meet certain criteria. It is the subjective assessment of who meets these criteria that allows for a hidden private monopoly or creates a corrupt environment," Gen. confirmed years ago. Atanas Atanasov, before the Focus agency.


In his own words, experts in the industry claim that "Energy Supply" EOOD would never have received a license to trade in electricity if it were not for the family company of Rumen Ovcharov's close friend - Georgi Kadiev. Even a superficial inspection shows that the company does not meet a number of requirements of the Energy Act. Starting with the fact that the sole owner of the company, Sonia Kadieva, is not an energy engineer, but has an education in international tourism, and it leads to a number of other inconsistencies with the legal and by-law regulations.

"Of course, one of the conditions to obtain the permit for this specific activity - sale of electrical energy, the law requires that quantities of such energy be secured for the future. Here, the company "Energy Supply" Ltd. declares that the state-owned production facilities at the Kozloduy NPP and the Maritsa-Iztok TPP are at its disposal," Atanas Atanasov pointed out.

"Just imagine how you would get electricity for sale from these giants if you were not treated specially?! What problem do these long-standing state producers have that they have to look for some start-up privateer to sell their produce? And to customers who have been known to them for a long time. I listened to Kadiev soon explain in principle how to drain a municipal or state company. I would give him an example of his family company, which sells electricity produced by the state. The profit of "Energy Supply" EOOD for 2008 was between 5 and 6 million", Atanasov also says.

Kadiev became a member of the BSP only in 2005, but immediately entered the leadership of the party - he was elected a member of the Supreme Council of the BSP and was appointed Deputy Minister of Finance. And for a relatively short period during which he was in the state administration - from 2005 - to 2007, he managed to make good use of the power given to him. Especially when he sees how the other ministers from the "triple coalition" from the very first day of work compete in uncontrolled stealing from what is still left of Bulgaria.

In 2005, he acquired a spacious apartment of 232 square meters - one of the four recognized properties of the rich family, if you don't count the vineyards he bought near Shabla. Grapes do not grow in Northern Dobrudja, but wind farms are springing up like mushrooms. It is not for nothing that one of Kadievi's companies is called "Energy Supply Green" and deals with the so-called "green electricity".

His huge apartment was acquired during the construction boom - the former rank-and-file newspaper journalist Kadiev was able to afford it. In the new muppala near the American College, the blowers are super high, there are cameras watching, there are probably other security systems, and it would be difficult for a criminal to sneak in.

In 2010, Mrs. KADIEVA declared BGN 250,000 saved from salary and dividends. Good money for a housewife - saving a quarter of a million?

Source: crimesbg.com

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