Breaking! Mysterious Businessman Kalin Edrev from Dubai: Is It a Crime Knowing and Working with Americans? SANS Has Proven that ‘Messages’ between Kiril Petkov and Myself are Fake

‘I am having none and have never had any contracts, neither during ‘Petkov’ government nor now’, Edrev has confirmed

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Breaking! Mysterious Businessman Kalin Edrev from Dubai: Is It a Crime Knowing and Working with Americans? SANS Has Proven that ‘Messages’ between Kiril Petkov and Myself are Fake

The first week of the new year 2024 has been marked by revelations about the contract signed between "Continuing the Change" and the American lobbying company Manatos & Manatos (M&M) worth 100,000 dollars. It states that the services the party will receive in return are related to lobbying, public relations, economic development and others. The purpose of the contract is "encouraging leading American politicians who are part of the federal and state government and the American Congress to strengthen bilateral relations between the United States and Bulgaria". It also aims at "a better understanding and appreciation of the primary importance of Bulgaria for the US, more specifically its pro-Western actions and anti-corruption efforts," informs Svobodna Europa.


Although the subject matter of the contract with Manatos & Manatos (M&M) clearly indicates what its goals are, a number of speculations have appeared in the media space. One of the versions, which is persistently promoted, involves the name of the (according to a number of publications) based in the USA and the UAE entrepreneur Kalin Edrev, who is said to be in close relations with the leaders of "We continue the change".


True to the principle that the truth should be told as it is, Svobodno Slovo journalists contacted Edrev to clarify what is hidden behind the contract with the state lobbying company and why his name is involved in an affair with Kiril Petkov and VMZ "Sopot". In our conversation, he mentions the investigation of the PIK Agency and our colleague, the journalist Sonia Koltuklieva. That is why the editors give us the right to respond to anyone who felt affected by the statements we publish in this interview.


See what Kalin Edrev said exclusively to Svobodno Slovo:


- Mr. Edrev, information about a contract signed between the political party "We continue the change" and the American lobbying company Manatos & Manatos (M&M) in the amount of 100,000 dollars came out in the public space. Are you familiar with the subject of the contract and the reason for its conclusion?

- No, for the simple reason that I have never had anything to do with politics and have never been politically and party bound. I only know what I have read on the internet about this contract and nothing more. I have nothing more to say on this matter, except that my name is being associated with things that are complete lies and outright bullshit.

- A number of Bulgarian media attribute your closeness to the leaders of the PP - Kiril Petkov and Asen Vasilev, and claim that this closeness acquires specific financial dimensions in the form of commissions from numerous transactions realized by them in their capacity as managers. Tell me, please, did you work with Petkov and Vassilev at all and if so - what is the nature of this partnership and when did it date? And if not - why do you think your name is paired with theirs?

- They confused my name with them after some publications by PIK and Mrs. Sonya Koltuklieva. There they had published some chats, about which the journalists from the media wrote that they had referred the matter to the prosecutor's office. On this occasion, there was an inspection at the State Prosecutor's Office and the State Prosecutor's Office (Editor's note: The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria). It turned out that this anonymous report and these chats, which were presented in the editorial office of PIK - all this was fake. You can imagine that through your phone and through mine we write some things to each other, print them out, put them in some editing room and that's it. The sensation is on the face. These so-called chats are definitely not credible. There was a check that proved nothing was true.

- Are you saying that a SANS check has proven that there are no chats taken from Kiril Petkov's phone in which he talks and writes to you?

- PIK Agency published "chats" between me and him, but it was categorically proven that all these chats were fake. If you read the first article of PIK, it says that these chats were allegedly found in the phone of some hacker, but suddenly after that it says: "an anonymous signal was received in the editorial office". Anyone with two phones can make such an anonymous signal.

- In short, you are certain that you did not communicate with Mr. Kiril Petkov by phone, you did not conduct chats with him through the Telegram application, as it was written, and you did not talk on topics related to VMZ "Sopot" and -especially for arranged bribes for the directors of the weapons factory, as claimed in the publications?

- There is nothing true in these claims. For someone to trade with VMZ "Sopot", special permits, licenses for weapons, for goods with dual purpose, such as military production, are needed. I have never participated in such a company and how can I trade with such a thing?


- You have also never participates as a mediator on this topic?

-  No.

- Tell our readers more about who the "mysterious businessman" Kalin Edrev actually is, as many local media call you. Who is the man Edrev, in what field are you active and what projects are you implementing?

- I work with several American companies, I represent American companies and I have projects with American companies in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. I am also an owner in an American company and have shares. I studied energy and work together with my partners on energy projects. I have been living in Dubai for ten years and more, for the simple reason that I have contracts there that I fulfill. I don't understand what the problem is that I have contacts. Apparently in Bulgaria it is already a crime to work with Americans, that's how it turns out.


- And finally - do you confirm for our readers that you have not worked and have no business relations with members of the former and current government, in the person of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, and your business projects are not related to the Bulgarian state, but these individuals, on the other hand, did not give you assistance in any form for the realization of your projects?

- I am having none and have never had any contracts, neither during ‘Petkov’ government nor now.

Source: svobodnoslovo.eu, crimesbg.com

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