Kontrera, VMRO: A European Counter-Terrorism Agency with Headquarters in Sofia Should Be Established

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Kontrera, VMRO: A European Counter-Terrorism Agency with Headquarters in Sofia Should Be Established

We also insist on unified health standards for the EU and support for Bulgarian farmers.

This was stated in the studio of BNT by the deputy chairman of VMRO, Carlos Kontrera. He emphasized that VMRO, through its participation in the European Parliament for two terms, has shown how politics can be done.

"It is no coincidence that at Orban's conservative meeting in Budapest last month, VMRO was the only conservative organization from Bulgaria present. This is a commendation for the work of our representatives in the European Parliament, Angel Dzhambazki and Andrey Slabakov."

Kontrera also noted that Angel Dzhambazki has demonstrated how national interests are defended in the EP and how allies are found to support Bulgarian causes. This is something other MEPs failed to achieve. Therefore, Bulgarian citizens should support VMRO in the elections.

"VMRO has always been a counterpoint to ultra-liberal politics. Von der Leyen has created a lot of nonsense, and in the next term, we will not support her candidacy for EC president. She created the madness with the Green Deal, the migration policy, etc.," the deputy chairman of VMRO firmly stated.

Kontrera also pointed out the Migration Pact, which facilitates the transfer of people. According to VMRO, a zero-migration policy should be applied both at the European and national levels. This means reformatting Frontex.

"A European counter-terrorism agency should be established, and its headquarters should be in Bulgaria. We do not have a headquarters of a European agency. We need such a body to control counter-terrorism policies. We are among the countries most affected by waves of illegal migration," he further emphasized.

Between 1 and 3 billion of Europeans' money can be saved if bureaucracy is reduced, which also means reducing corruption.

"This is what we will stand for in the next EP - reducing the number of officials and bureaucracy."

Two leading themes for VMRO in the next term in the EP will be agriculture and healthcare.

"For farmers, regulations need to be changed, and agricultural subsidies should be standardized across different member states. Regarding healthcare - the problem of access to medicines and the shortage of personnel exists in other countries, not just Bulgaria. VMRO proposes the introduction of minimum pay standards in healthcare," Kontrera provided more details from VMRO's program.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, he also expressed VMRO's firm position that Europe has made a mistake in its policy.

"It should not have allowed the war to happen at all. And now the sanctions imposed on Russia are actually being paid for by European citizens."

Carlos Kontrera also commented on the elections in North Macedonia.

"In Skopje, anti-European forces won. What needs to be done now is first for the Bulgarian parliament to reconsider the French proposal, and then for Bulgaria to explain to its European partners that North Macedonia is not fulfilling its commitments for which it has signed agreements. And until Skopje fulfills its commitments, the membership negotiations with the EU should be frozen."

"Bulgaria needs sufficiently prepared people in the European Parliament," added the deputy chairman of VMRO.

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