Ukrainian Officials: A Recent Ballistic Missile Assault by Russia Has Killed Over 20 Individuals

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Ukrainian Officials: A Recent Ballistic Missile Assault by Russia Has Killed Over 20 Individuals

Ukrainian officials have reported that a recent ballistic missile assault by Russia has claimed the lives of over 20 individuals and left more than 75 others wounded in Odesa, a city situated by the Black Sea.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy vowed that Ukrainian forces would retaliate appropriately against Russia for what he condemned as a "despicable" strike on a city that has endured near-daily attacks from Russian drones or missiles throughout the month.

This assault, the deadliest in weeks, targeted civilian infrastructure in the port city, marking an escalation in Russia's recent barrage of strikes.

According to Oleh Kiper, the regional governor, two Russian Iskander-M missiles, launched from the Moscow-occupied Crimea, struck a residential area in Odesa on Friday. Kiper noted that the impact resulted in disruptions to gas and electricity supplies for some residents.

"The explosion was devastating, particularly the second blast... This highly potent missile originates from the occupied Crimea and reaches its target within minutes," remarked Kiper.

Tragically, a second missile claimed the lives of a medic and a rescuer who had rushed to aid those injured in the initial strike. Kiper reported that ten individuals sustained severe injuries.

Zelenskiy, communicating via Telegram, asserted, "Our defense forces will spare no effort to ensure that the Russian perpetrators face the consequences of our just response."

In response to the crisis, residents mobilized to donate blood, leading to long queues at medical facilities. Saturday was designated as a local day of mourning.

Reports from the southern military command confirmed the destruction of a three-story recreational facility and at least ten private residences in the attack. Rescue efforts were hampered by fires and debris as responders endeavored to retrieve victims.

Odesa, a critical Ukrainian port, has been a frequent target of Russian aggression, particularly following Moscow's abandonment of a UN-brokered agreement that had safeguarded Ukrainian grain shipments via the Black Sea.

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