Washington and Brussels Give Their Support to Borissov for A Government

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Washington and Brussels Give Their Support to Borissov for A Government

Our American partners took their trust off Vassilev/Petkov long ago

GERB and Boyko Borissov in particular are getting a very significant support for making the next Bulgarian government Epicenter.bg has learned from diplomatic sources.

The White House administration is currently discussing from whose name to send their message to Bulgaria and some diplomatic sources claim that this person might be even the state secretary Antony Blinken.

European diplomats are sure that Borissov is getting the usual support from Brussels – from EPP and members of the Euro commission.

As Epicenter.bg has repeatedly written, our American partners have long ago lost their trust in Petkov/Vasilev, because of the failure of their management and the scandals they caused in the country, because of the behind-the-scenes with which they managed and the large-scale corruption in the energy sector.

The USA has demonstratively eliminated the two co-chairs of "We Continue the Change" from its view, and this was evident during Ambassador Hero Mustafa's long farewell to Sofia. Petkov/Vasilev were not invited to any of the formats in which the US ambassador met with various representatives of the Bulgarian elite. In contrast to this markedly negative attitude towards the Harvardians, GERB leader Boyko Borisov was a special guest at Hero Mustafa's last reception, and his car was allowed to enter the courtyard of the American Embassy - a privilege that was not allowed to any of the other guests. Together with Borisov, there were 12 more representatives of GERB at the reception.

The PR article in Die Welt, which presented Kiril and Assen as the saviors of Ukraine, as fighters against pro-Kremlin politicians in Bulgaria and as people who secured a path to Ukraine at all, was met with derision in influential circles in Washington, our diplomatic sources said. Because it presents the distorted situation in Bulgaria, giving Petkov/Vasilev a false role as factors in global processes, which they do not have at all.

Also, according to Epicenter.bg Mr. Asen Vassilev allowed himself to regularly send letters to Washington against Ambassador Hero Mustafa, in disharmony with diplomatic practice, which totally reflected the ways of "Change" to the offices of the US state administration.

This was also evident during the last visit of Petkov/Vasilev to the USA at the beginning of February, the purpose of which was to get pre-election support from our transoceanic partners. But that didn't happen. The two stayed in the USA for nearly a week, knocking on the offices of various influential persons, but everywhere they were refused and closed doors, our diplomatic sources pointed out. The only meeting of Petkov/Vasilev, which was also documented on Facebook, was with a small group of representatives of the Bulgarian community in Washington.

"We continue the change" and "Democratic Bulgaria" are in isolation, Boyko Borissov has stated this evening in Shumen.

And he explicitly emphasized: "We can and we know, we have a program and huge support from the West". Borisov reported for the first time about "support from the West" after the scandal with the second "Magnitsky" list, which led most analysts to comment that the presence of Vladislav Goranov in it was a sign that the US had withdrawn from GERB.


"Nothing like that," said our easterners. In Washington, they are aware that PP and DB will not be able to form a cabinet, because of the deep dividing lines they draw in society and the reluctance of any of the other parties to partner with Petkov/Vasilev in a future government.

Hence the American administration is betting again on Borisov and GERB as a stabilizing factor in our country in the light of the military conflict in Ukraine and the need to form a strong government in Bulgaria, something that can only happen with the leading role of GERB.


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